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  • The top 5 most popular cities in Cameroon
    1. Douala: A central point of economic activity, the city of Douala also has the largest number of hotels in the country. With a research rate of 34%, Cameroon’s business capital is at the top of this ranking. Several factors can justify this position, including the number of companies present in the city and the number of events that the city hosts.Douala
    2. Yaoundé: As the political capital of the country and the seat of the republic’s institutions, the city of Yaoundé logically ranks second in this ranking with a research rate of 23%. The year 2015 was marked by the country’s organization of numerous subregional and international events, including summits and cultural meetings, and Yaoundé was the centre of them.hilton yaoundé
    3. Kribi: The city of Kribi could not escape this ranking. For years, the seaside city has been one of the most popular tourist areas for tourists. Thanks to this reputation and the increased presence of large hotel groups, Kribi ranks third among the most sought-after cities in the country with a research rate of 17%.kribi
    4. Limbe: Like the seaside city of Kribi, the city of Limbe enjoys a magnificent landscape and impressive beaches. Thanks to its luxury hotels near the sea, Limbé ranks fourth in this ranking with a search rate close to that of Kribi, which is considered its twin sister.limbé
    5. Bafoussam: Bafoussam closes the gap with a search rate of 6%. The capital of the Western region, the city of Bafoussam is renowned as the place par excellence for cultural tourism. The city of Bafoussam is best known for the architecture of its traditional chiefdoms and the beauty of its waterfalls.chute d'eau

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